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Come join us at Wavecrest B&B and enjoy the hazy sights and sounds of the bright Indian Ocean. From this perfect perch, you can watch the dolphins play and the whales spout as they go about their seasonal migrations. See the greatest exodus in the world as the sardines compete with the predators to complete their timeless quest, all whilst you recline by the beautiful pool. Take a picnic and enjoy a day on one of the beautiful local beaches, with the nearest beach just 5 km away. <br /><br />Our landscaped gardens are a place where you can barbecue among the rare and indigenous plants and the numerous birds that are attracted by them. The calm and old-fashioned French-inspired interiors are a place where you can read a book and relax.<br /><br />Don't forget to rise early one morning to enjoy one of our memorable sunrises, followed by our famous sumptuous breakfast. We are located within 10 minutes of the international airport and pick-up and drop-off arrangements can be made.<br />
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22 Apr 2015
sonja, South Africa
"Good Afternoon,I gave my reviews re wavecrest, as requested by yourselves, but as yet, had no feedback.I also want to mention a point that was not mentioned in the previously. Wavecrest Management shouldupdate their photos re the guest house, because the photos I received showed a stainless steel oven and when we arrived it was an old black stove. your advices in this regard will be much appreciated.Kind regards,Sonja Knoesen"
"Wavecrest - Toti"
13 Apr 2015
sonja, South Africa
"R1,750.00 was charged per night for 7 people. The house is very comfortable and the view is immaculate. Very quiet area and peaceful. The only downside is the dogs coming in and out of the house. There was a black dog that constantly growled at my little girl and the white poodle kept sleeping with my son on the bed. When we arrived at Wavecrest B&amp;B we started packing out and I went to the toilet as we came from Durban. As I washed my hands, I saw behind the basin was a ladies panty. I just took it and tucked it in the dustbin. As we had 4 men in the house and it wont be a nice site for them too see and out of respect to whoever forgot it there. Considering the price we paid, I really expected more, but the holiday was still one not to forget.Kind regards,Mrs S M Knoesen"
25 Feb 2015
Priza, South Africa
"I would like to provide feedback about the owner of wavecrest and warn otherpeople who might be think of using her. I have sms proof of everything. Iagreed with the lady that she would refund my breakfast money the day I arrivedat her establishment. she initially said payment would be in 14 days, then saidher accountant failed to refund. Now she says she is NOT refunding as I broke "ornaments"in her house. There are no ornaments to speak of in her house, everyone canattest to it, we did not break anything she is liar, she just does not want to refund despite assuring me that she would. It is over a month. Is there a way of complaining through your website. You must also think of removing her - sheis bad for your brand. I am not the only person that is complaining look at the review sections.Establishment Response:Idid initially agree to refund her, and thought it was done. When sheinformed me that she did not receive a refund I enquired why it was not done.I was informed that various ornaments, cups, plates and glasses wasbroken, and that the money was subtracted for this reason. I toldthe guest that i am trying to get her refunded regardless she theninsulted me and swore at me. Please note the ornaments (3) definitelywere left broken into several pieces on the windowsill.Aftershe swore at me and insulted me I accepted the fact the we as owners ofWavecrest have the right to replace items broken by guests with their money.The refund this guest want is not nearly enough to replace the items.Sheis referring to previous comments made by guests. In this regard ipreviously complained to Safarinow as just one side of the issue is publishedThereis negative comments from guest who complained after they caused trouble beingracists and unreasonable. I first contacted Safarinow about them but wasnot offered assistance or advice but their comment is still published?"
04 Jan 2015
Adhilla, South Africa
"We enjoyed our stay at Wavecrest B&B looking forward to going back this December."
"no star to put there"
02 Dec 2014
Thabisile, South Africa
"We did not sleep there.The rooms were dirty, walls with scary drawings, windows broken, lights not working. Wardrobes tightened with wires.Unfortunately you took my R3000 deposit before I could see the place."
01 Dec 2014
Thobeka, South Africa
"I enjoyed my stay at Wavecrest but I had to pay an extra R600 cash as Safari could not track down my two deposits of R600."
"Bad Service with no apology"
07 Jan 2014
Nomsa, South Africa
"The place is nice Moses is doing a great Job by taking care of the place but the Manager is not so good.she doesn't know how to talk to poeple she yelled and scream."
"False information on Safarinow"
07 Jan 2014
Juanette, South Africa
"There's a lot more that I can go on about, but these are what stood out to me:-****To start at the beginning, when we originally booked at Wavecrest, we saw the photo on the website through Safari. The photo gives you the idea that the rooms are just behind the swimming pool and the braai area. We've booked out all the rooms, as our idea for this specific holiday was to be private (Not knowing at that stage that there are another set of rooms on the premesis).The owner did advise that they will be staying there over December, but we will be on our own and be able to use the patio for Christmas and do our own thing.Much closer to December (I can't remember the date), she informed us that she made a business decision to rent out her house and that we would have to share the swimming, braai and deck area. According to her this is what normally happens at a B&B (Everybody shares - however it would be very awkward for everybody to have Christmas all together on the patio, as this is on the other people's doorstep). I do agree with her that this usually happens at hotels, B&B's ect, but then we wouldn't have booked it in the first place under false information. If this business decision was made when we booked and paid the deposit, we wouldn't have booked it. As soon as she made her business decision, it changed the whole situation as to why we booked there in the first place.It was like having a braai in someones backyard when we wanted some privacy - and this was not at all the idea.My sister in law went to have a look at the place about a month before our holiday (as they were in Durban for a weekend) and then saw that our rooms are in the backyard and not like we thought behind the swimming pool, and with no sea view (accept for the one room on top with a little bit of sea view). Clearly there was a miscomunication and we knew we had to make the best of the situation as at that time of the year all accommodation are fully booked and also, we've already paid Wavecrest.We went with a positive attitude to go and enjoy the holiday as best possible, but when we got there the list continued.AIRCONS NOT WORKING - My mother in law had an aircon in her room, but IT DID NOT WORK, (she didn't complaint as she doesn't like conflict - she however paid in full and I don't think this is fair). My sister in law and her fianc also had an aircon, but it was leaking so much that when they returned to their room the whole floor was covered in water, so obviously they couldn't use it for the rest of the week.STOVE TO USE - She said we will have 2 small kitchens to use (fully equipped with stoves ect). The stoves did not work and she went to buy a 2 plate stove for us to use (for 12 people). Shouldn't this be checked before everybody arrives?TV - Not all rooms had TV (luckily we don't like watching TV when on holiday)Maybe we didn't book the most expensive accommodation, but surely it must have what she said it would have like the Aircons showing on the website must be in working order.I just feel like this is something I have to share to make people aware wrong information on websites.I'm also very disappointed as this was booked through Safarinow. Aren't they suppose to check the places they advertise and make sure that ALL the information is correct?"
"Nice accommodation"
12 Sep 2013
William, United Kingdom
"Clean accommodation made very welcome, spoilt by noisy residences playing very loud music from a minibus."
09 Apr 2013
Ian, South Africa
"Always a pleasure, that's why we keep going back. Everything just perfect, hospitality, accommodation, reception."